The Willows Inn

The Willows Inn Says Goodbye to the Castro

Forty years. Tens of thousands of guests. Hundreds of whom have become friends who so generously referred to The Willows Inn as their ‘home away from home.’ You know who you are.

Your next journey to San Francisco will have to pause somewhere else.

We put up the good fight, we really did, but the pandemic has claimed one more victim.

We will miss directing newcomers to the sights best suited to their preferences. Nothing delighted us more than having someone return at the end of the day and tell us ‘thank you for telling us about … we never would have known about it.’

We will miss sharing news about great new restaurants and venues with old friends, who have returned year after year. After year.

Feel free to leave a private comment here if you wish. We always love hearing from you. Or, look back over some of the testimonials we’ve amassed over the years. Maybe there’s one from you.


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A Large Room with Queen Bed at San Francisco Bed and Breakfast, The Willows Inn
A View of Market Street at The Willows Inn.
The sitting room at San Francisco Bed and Breakfast, The Willows Inn
A Willows Inn Large Room with Queen Bed
Room with Full Size Bed, The Willows Inn Bed and Breakfast
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